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We are Kauai Farmers. We oppose Bill 2491

Let the Kauai County Council Know You Support Kauai Farmers

with Science
  • GM crops are safe for people and the environment
  • The truth about Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP)
  • GM Papaya saved Hawaii Ag
Devastating to Agriculture
  • Non-farmers telling farmers how to Farm
  • Bill 2491 will cost farmers their jobs
  • Bill 2491 will destroy agriculture on Kauai
Unfair and Unnecessary
  • Right to Farm
  • Local regulation of pesticides and GM crops are unnecessary
  • The EIS and moratorium will hurt the economy
  • Unnecessary mandatory disclosure


We are Kauai farmers. We oppose Bill 2491, a measure that will devastate our farms and affect our quality of life. Bill 2491 was written by people who do not farm and do not understand what is required to grow healthy crops, free of insects, disease and weeds. Most importantly those who wrote this bill do not understand Kauai’s farmers.

We are your neighbors. Our families are part of the local community.

Many of us have worked the land on Kauai for generations

Because we live, work and raise our families on Kauai, we are good stewards of our island’s land.

We have great respect for our natural environment and want to preserve it for our children and future generations.

We grow safe, high-quality crops that feed the people of Kauai. Some of us grow seeds to feed millions of people around the world.

We apply a variety of crop-protection products safely and only use the minimum amounts necessary to keep our crops healthy and free of pests

We need your support to continue a way of life that is part of the fabric of our island home, to maintain the millions of dollars of business we do with local companies, and to support Kauai’s economy.


We are working to save Kauai farms. We will do this by:

  • Defeating Kauai County Bill 2491, which will destroy farming and agriculture on our island;
  • Correcting the misinformation being spread by special interest groups about how we farm;
  • Encouraging coexistence among organic, conventional, and farmers who grow biotech crops; and
  • Supporting our agriculture industry, our neighbors and their businesses on Kauai.

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